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Notarial activities

Our Notary Office provides a full range of notarial activities in accordance with the Law on Notaries and other applicable laws.
If it is in the nature of the activities or due to special circumstances, it is possible to undertake the notarial activities also outside the Notary Office.

The scope of rendered notarial activities includes

  1. preparation of notarial deeds (if required by law or if such is the will of the parties), including the following agreements:
      • sales contacts,
      • donations,
      • the establishment of separate ownership of premises under the law on ownership of premises and the law on housing cooperatives,
      • developer contracts,
      • articles of association (of commercial law partnerships and companies and civil partnerships),
      • life annuity contracts,
      • marital property contracts,
      • the establishment of personal and land servitude,
      • the conversion,
      • the cessation of ownership,
      • division of inheritance,
      • division of joint property,
      • other contracts transferring the ownership of property and other property rights,
      • lease contract,
      • a settlement,
      • preliminary contracts.
  1. drafting the deed of formation of foundations, associations, cooperatives and other legal entities,
  2. preparing minutes of meetings of shareholders, members of cooperatives, other legal entities, housing estates, and other protocols,
  3. drafting wills,
  4. drafting deeds of succession certificate,
  5. drafting deeds of submitting to execution,
  6. drafting powers of attorney,
  7. preparing certifications:
    • signatures,
    • documents (certified copies),
    • the date of producing the document,
    • the fact that a person stays alive or stays at a specific location,
  8. serving statements,
  9. drafting protests of promissory notes and checks,
  10. taking documents, money and securities for safekeeping,
  11. preparing excerpts, copies and extracts from documents,
  12. preparing, upon the request of the parties, drafts of deeds, statements and other documents,
  13. preparing other activities under separate provisions.

Notary Public, within its powers, acts as a person of public trust, using the protection afforded to public officials. Notarial activities undertaken by a notary public have the nature of the official document. Notarial activities are carried out in Polish. At the request of the party, the notary public may additionally undertake the activity in a foreign language, using their own language skills, as demonstrated in the manner prescribed for certified translators, or with the assistance of a sworn translator.


Notary Office Agnieszka Kozek
Notary Cracow
Plac Kossaka 3, 31-106 Kraków
(behind Jubilat, next to carpark)

Working hours for parties : Mon – Fri: 9.00 – 18.00
Other term and hours subject to prior agreement.

Next to Notary Office are located parking lots and attended car park.

NIP: 677 161 58 14 REGON: 356290278

Bank Account Number BNP PARIBAS:
PL 89 1600 1039 0002 0037 5445 6001

The Notary Office was located at Kossaka Square 3 in the Centrum of Krakow, since 2003, next to Jubilat, Hotel Kossak, the Wawel and in the immediate vicinity of urban transport. The current location allows a convenient access and parking place and in the surroundings of our Notary Office our Customers have at their disposal parking lots, the branches of most banks, departments of the Municipality of Krakow and Business tax office.

Near areas: Stare Miasto, Salwator, Zwierzyniec, Dębniki, Śródmieście,  Bronowice, Prądnik, Krowodrza, Kazimierz, Zabłocie, Podgórze, Nowa Huta.

Urban  transport:  MPK Jubilat.